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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Advanced Circuit Design and System Integration

Technology Overview

Advanced Circuit Design and System Integration.
Advanced Circuit Design and System Integration.

ITRI has developed a heterogeneous multicore system platform that features an electronic system level configuration. Integrated with intelligent system core software, this Android-platform technology plays a major role in vertically integrating Taiwan’s manufacturers in the integrated circuit industry, including fabs, Internet protocol vendors, and system makers, to improve their overall competitiveness.

Applications & Benefits

Utilizing self-developed technologies including wideband analog front-end chips, high-speed analog-to-digital converter chips, and software calibration, ITRI worked with Taiwan’s largest measurement instrument maker and developed a digital storage oscilloscope that breaks through 1 GHz operating frequency. ITRI also works on ultralow voltage and related technologies.Among these is a thermoelectric energy harvesting technology, which was honored with the 2014 Red Dot Design Award: Best of the Best.