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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Energy Harvesting-Thermoelectric (EH-T) Generator

Technology Overview

Energy Harvesting-Thermoelectric (EH-T) Generator.
Energy Harvesting-Thermoelectric (EH-T) Generator.

The energy harvesting power management includes a DC-DC step-up converter and a maximum power point tracking algorithm and can boost voltage from 15 mV to 1.2 V or more. This energy harvesting technology monitors the output voltage to achieve MPPT and optimize operating condition. It features extreme low power, fast power point tracking, and high efficiency.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI’s EH-T involves unique thermoelectric energy management chip technology and efficient maximum power point tracking (MPPT). This apparatus allows the electricity to be supplied in real time or stored in the battery through the chip as long as the temperature difference of the thermoelectric generator is above 2 degrees. It can convert the heat energy produced by human body, machines and tools or environment into electric energy. The technology has won Best of the Best of Red Dot Award in 2014.

“EH-T” is specially designed for the outdoor environment where power supply is difficult to find. It adds the concept of energy harvesting, uses unique thermoelectric energy management chip technology and has efficient maximum power point tracking.