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Laser-Induced Metallization 3D Circuits

Technology Overview

LIM-3D Process.
LIM-3D Process.

While printed circuit boards can only provide planar circuits and flexible printed circuits can only be bonded to simple curved surfaces, laser-induced metallization 3D circuit (LIM-3D) technology can apply stackable multilayer circuit construction to irregularly shaped surfaces through nano-triggered colloid coating, laser-aided patterning, and metal deposition. One of the most common applications of LIM-3D is the manufacturing of 3D multilayer antennae for mobile phones. Since the material of the substrate does not restrict multilayer manufacturing, LIM- 3D can be applied to most 3D substrate surfaces. In addition, the multilayer antenna design allows a smaller antenna area and integrates equivalent inductances and capacitances into 3D circuits to enhance the function of products. 

Applications & Benefits

In the future, LIM-3D can be used in designing multilayer NFC antennae for mobile phones, downsizing antennae for multiband mobile phones, and multilayer wireless charging coils, as well as other products such as automotive electronic components, electric locks, and electronic building blocks. It also enables a wider scale of applications for wearable electronics and handheld devices.