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Industrial Technology Research Institute


H.264/AVC Video Encoder (Si-IP)

Technology Overview

H.264/AVC Video Encoder (Si-IP).
H.264/AVC Video Encoder (Si-IP).

This is a hardware based H.264/AVC video Encoder IP core with high performance for multimedia information appliance. The focal target is compliant with the international standard ITU-T H.264 (also known as ISO/IEC14496-10), also interoperable to the other H.264 compliance products. The main business model is to provide RTL source code with associated test patterns for licensee’s further integrating and modifying. Promising strongly support on training course and technical consultant can help you shorten the product release time. Further customization on functional specifications and system interfaces is also negotiable and welcome.

Not only FPGA verification and ASIC proven, but SOC platform level verification is our goal. A live demo environment to show the overall capability of the IP core will be made before delivering to customers. The candidates of ITRI’s licensee in this product would be IC design house and design service companies, but not limited, who want to let their existing or planning products more outstanding and differentiating with that of their competitors.

Applications & Benefits

Our obligation and promise is to help Taiwan local vendors catching the technical needs in time, thus long term maintenance and continue developing is 100% guaranteed by ITRI and related government policies.