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Industrial Technology Research Institute


On-Site 360° Video Streaming System

Technology Overview

On-Site 360° Video Streaming System.
On-Site 360° Video Streaming System.

The On-Site 360° Video Streaming System developed by ITRI is a low latency panoramic live streaming solution. The system employs GPU-based parallel processing technology for video stitching and encoding. It transmits on-site panoramic streaming video with ultrahigh definition 4K images (60 fps) and ultra-low latency (less than 0.4 second) using automatic streaming technology.

Furthermore, it has made a breakthrough against the limitation of WiFi bandwidth by adopting brand-new parallel architecture design to shorten the processing time of a virtual reality (VR) video. This technology can be used with a low latency panoramic video player to provide on-site live streaming video for immersive experiences.

Applications & Benefits

Through this technology audiences attending a major sporting event, concert, or other activities can enjoy live experiences from an up-close point of view, which enables them to overcome the spatial limitations of their actual position, even if they are sitting in the back rows or areas where watching the game or show is difficult.