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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Innovative Technology Development and Essential Intellectual

Technology Overview

Innovative Technology Development and Essential Intellectual.
Innovative Technology Development and Essential Intellectual.

The 4G LTE Small Cells jointly developed by ITRI and networking companies were introduced in Mobile World Congress 2015. ITRI’s “4G+ Experimental Network” has been launched for testing and certification, equipment rental, and offered for technical support services. This can help manufacturers and operators reduce testing costs and time between R&D and sales, accelerating the industrialization for Beyond 4G (B4G) products and the integration into 5G commercial network technologies.

ITRI is dedicated to the R&D and deployment of standard-essential patents for phased array antenna and beam-tracking algorithm techniques, which support outdoor mobile communication at the speed of 10 km/h for 38 GHz mm-wave communications in 5G networks. ITRI is also cooperating with chip manufacturers to create specifications, develop verification platforms, and conduct 3GPP R10-R13 Small Cells R&D. The 3GPP R13 LTE/Wi-Fi Aggregation (LWA) technology was developed and IoT testing was included to establish a solution and ecosystem for the LWA system.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI completed a field test of TD-LTE mobile communication on the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) route from Hsinchu to Yangmei in partnership with a well-known international enterprise. It has also designed and established the collaborative platform of 4G FDD-LTE communication networks with telecommunication operators to improve the communication quality on THSR trains. Furthermore, ITRI participated in the international cooperation project H2020 Xhaul to improve the communication technology of THSR. With the development of the mobile multi-tenancy and context-assisted technology for high-speed handover, ITRI has provided industries with access to the international R&D arena.

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