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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Key 5G Technologies

Technology Overview

Key 5G Technologies.
Key 5G Technologies.

In response to the ultra–high density network that requires 1,000 small cells per square kilometer, ITRI employs Self–Organizing Networks (SON) technology to conduct network configuration of small cells and to strengthen coverage and signal quality across the field. The smart antenna’s control and management ability can effectively trace a user’s location and avoid possible interferences, greatly improving the service quality and efficiency of the network. Some leading small cell manufacturers in Taiwan have adopted this technology and worked with ITRI to provide network integration solutions. The results have been published on the Small Cell Forum website.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI also devotes its efforts to developing Network MIMO techniques. Through tight inter–cell coordination, ITRI has integrated eight small cells, optimizing system performance nearly eight–fold, and greatly improving the technological level of the domestic networking communication industry. ITRI’s Network MIMO API proposal has received widespread support from leading international companies and has been accepted by the Small Cell Forum nFAPI as a standard document.

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