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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Underlay-Aware VLAN-based Network Virtualization (Peregrine)

Technology Overview

Underlay-Aware VLAN-based Network Virtualization (Peregrine).
Underlay-Aware VLAN-based Network Virtualization (Peregrine).

Software Defined Network (SDN) controls the entire IT infrastructure, efficiently supporting IT services and optimizing computation, storage, and infrastructure. ITRI is riding with the tide and focusing on developing VLAN-based SDN technology - Peregrine, featuring Fast Failover, Dynamic Traffic Engineering, and Network Virtualization.

Applications & Benefits

Peregrine can be used to integrate load balancing, virtualization, and enhancing availability of a given network in cloud data center. In such cases, IT is able to balance the work load between each developed platform to increase flexibility and reduce reaction time of the control mechanism.