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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Foldable On-Cell Touch AMOLED

Technology Overview

Flexible On-Cell Touch AMOLED.
Flexible On-Cell Touch AMOLED.

In response to the demand for flexible display in smart living, ITRI possesses a comprehensive technological solution that includes panel design, structural stress simulation, flexible substrates, multi-functional integration front plate, flexible barrier encapsulation, and TFT backplane fabrication. Successfully, ITRI has accomplished the development of AMOLED panel technology that is durable, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and foldable.

Applications & Benefits

Flexible displays have product features such as bendable and foldable capabilities, as well as resistance to easy breakage. These characteristics enable to surpass the application limitations of current displays, thereby transforming product designs and introducing new applications. The application areas include smart handheld devices, laptops, smart homes, and smart car, among others.

Flexible On-Cell Touch AMOLED.
Flexible On-Cell Touch AMOLED.

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