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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Low-Diffraction Transparent Display

Technology Overview

For intelligent life in future, the development of transparent display is important for following applications. For traditional panel design, which would cause obvious light diffraction and have the problem of blurred background image. ITRI has developed the technology of low diffraction design for transparent display, which could effectively reduce the intensity of diffracted light of less than 1% by anti-diffraction design and improve the clarity of the background image.

Applications & Benefits

The low-diffraction transparent display technology could be used with the existing manufacturing process of panel makers, which is also the Key components for transparent displays of intelligent life. In the future, it could be applied to various smart life applications, such as smart mobile, medical, retail and edutainment.

Low-Diffraction Transparent Display.
Low-Diffraction Transparent Display. 
Low-Diffraction Transparent Display.
Low-Diffraction Transparent Display. 
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