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Industrial Technology Research Institute


ITRI Smartphone Virtualization

Technology Overview

ITRI Smartphone Virtualization.
ITRI Smartphone Virtualization.

ITRI has developed various technologies to enhance the value added of mobile phones. The first is dynamic interest analysis for smartphone users, which uses smartphone software text extraction technology to analyze a user’s profile and interests to better understand the user’s constantly–changing needs and intentions. The second is a virtual smartphone service, which provides cloud solutions for smartphones through an unlimited–augmenting information center. Furthermore, it provides application streaming services that allow users to try a variety of apps online without bandwidth and storage limits before downloading, thereby saving time and memory space for app installation.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI integrates related technologies and offers users innovative mobile phone services, such as accurate ad serving, smart interest recommendation, smart personal assistant, and new mobile phone app solutions, elevating the competitiveness of Taiwan’s smart phone manufacturers.