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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Smart Textile-iSmartWear

Technology Overview

  • ITRI has developed a contactless, washable and abrasion-resistant smart textile.
  • It integrates nanosecond pulse near-field sensing technology (NPNS) with washable conductive fabrics, enabling tracking of vital signs without bodily contact.
  • Machine washing 50 times, S/N>20 dB.
  • HR: 48-240 beats/min, Uncertainty: ≦ 5 %.
  • Active HR/Pedo-/Calorie-meter and analysis.
  • Wireless 4.0 BLE, Android APP, Battery: 12 hrs.
  • Accuracy: Mean Difference±1.96 SD ≦ 1 bpm±2 bpm.
NPNS:Nanosecond Pulse Near-field Sensing.
NPNS:Nanosecond Pulse Near-field Sensing.

Smart Textile-iSmartWear.
Smart Textile-iSmartWear.