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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Zetspir: ZEro Touch Server PRovisioning from ITRI

Technology Overview

BAMPI: Bare-Metal Provisioning from ITRI.
BAMPI: Bare-Metal Provisioning from ITRI.

Propagating software deployment technological services to the cloud computing industry, BAMPI (Bare-Metal Provisioning from ITRI) has been developed to assist data center servers in their automated software deployment, update, and upgrade operations. The system implements software installation, firmware updates, and operation system configuration, all remotely and automatically. The system can manage a network of up to 500 computers and is capable of recognizing the management interface used in 40 servers within 2 minutes. This drastically reduces the 24 hours required to deploy a networked cluster of machines down to 3 hours.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI’s BAMPI has successfully assisted a domestic server manufacturer to set up a cloud-based data center for a major Japanese telecommunications company. With the aid of its baseboard management controller, BAMPI’s remote and automated service to basic input/output system maintenance in motherboards drastically reduces maintenance costs as well as human error. BAMPI has transformed this domestic server company into a major international player as it upgrades Taiwan from a pure hardware manufacturer to a system service provider.