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Fabrication Techniques for Biomimetic Magnetic Beads(iKNOBEADS) with Multi-Protrusions

Technology Overview

Fabrication Techniques for Biomimetic Magnetic Beads(iKNOBEADS) with Multi-Protrusions.
Fabrication Techniques for Biomimetic Magnetic Beads(iKNOBEADS) with Multi-Protrusions.

The immune system is critical in fighting cancer, and T cells are able to identify and destroy cancer cells. However, the selective pressure applied by the immune system on tumor cells leads to the mutation Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) Fabrication Techniques for Biomimetic Magnetic Beads with Multi-Protrusions of cells that have lost immunogenic markers, resulting in a lack of T cell recognition of the tumor. To utilize T cells for cancer treatment, ITRI has built up its own technical capabilities focused on cell immunotherapy. Inspired by the unique morphology of mature dendritic cells, multi-protrusive magnetic beads with uniform diameters were fabricated for the first time.

The technology was honored at both the 2019 R&D 100 Awards and the 2020 Edison Awards. GMP production development and small-batch test production have been completed. ITRI is also cooperating with domestic and foreign industries, as well as academic and research institutions, to develop immune cell production technology and clinical applications. iKNOBEADS technology may replace the existing products on the market and has the potential to seize the ferrite bead market, which has long been monopolized by large international corporations.

Applications & Benefits

It was demonstrated that these novel magnetic beads can promote greater expansion and better function of T cells compared to marketed products. A closed cell manufacturing platform with real-time monitoring has also been developed. These technologies have great commercialization potential and can be applied to other cells for immunotherapy.

  • The innovative multi-protrusion design of this technology can effectively reduce the time needed to produce immune cells by 30-45%, thereby increasing the timeliness of the treatment.
  • With the application of critical materials made in Taiwan, the efficiency of T-cell generation increases by 20%, while the number of ferrite beads required is reduced by 66%. This significantly decreases the cost of immune cell treatment.
Fabrication Techniques for Biomimetic Magnetic Beads(iKNOBEADS) with Multi-Protrusions.
Fabrication Techniques for Biomimetic Magnetic Beads(iKNOBEADS) with Multi-Protrusions.

One-Stop Biomedical Services

One-Stop Biomedical Services

  • Listing Regulations Consulting: FDA/TFDA/CE application, medical device verification/export, medical device/medicine registration, IRB document organization, clinical trial application, and more.
  • Technology Transfer: Bio-IT, diagnostics and precision medicine technology, regeneration medicine technology, natural medicine and healthcare technology, targeted drug and delivery technology.
  • Model Translation: Domestic supply chain linkage, medical device design control, market analysis, strategy analysis of regulation in commercialization, and more.
  • Preclinical / Clinical Trial: Functional safety assessments, clinical research organization linkage, clinical evaluation and analysis, clinical trial planning, clinical trial analysis and reports.
  • Other Services: Quality system consulting, commercialization consulting, smart health solutions, software validation, medical device risk management, information security risk evaluation, technical documents preparation, business ecosystem linkage, and more.

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