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Industrial Technology Research Institute


FAQ List

About ITRI

  • Who is ITRI?
    Founded in 1973, Industrial Technology Research Institute is a nonprofit R&D organization engaging in applied technology research and technical services. Please get more about ITRI on the page “ITRI Overview”.
  • How many employees work at ITRI?
    There are about 6,000 employees working at ITRI.
  • How can I get to ITRI?
    You can get a map with the traffic information from the link:
  • How can I apply a job at ITRI?
    You can visit the page “Find a job” where the job vacancies are listed.

About Technology

  • What are ITRI’s research focuses?
    ITRI aims to innovate for a better future. It integrates multi-disciplinary research fields into three application domains, including smart living, quality health, and sustainable environment. Please check “Innovations & Applications” for more information.
  • ITRI’s award-winning technology?
    Please check the page “Honors” for details.
  • How many R&D units are there at ITRI?
    The page “Management” lists the units whose R&D has different focus and specialty.

About Collaboration and Services

  • I have some questions about a certain technology. Whom can I contact with?
    Most pages have the related contact information right at the bottom of the page. Or you can leave your message on the page “Contact Us” and we will forward your request to the appropriate department.
  • If I would like to obtain a technology transfer, which department should I approach?
    Our “Technology Services” is in charge of the business. You can visit its page and get more information.
  • How can I use the facility of ITRI’s open lab?
    Please refer to the page “Open Lab & Incubator” for more information.
  • How can I start my business at ITRI’s incubation center?
    Please refer to the page “Open Lab & Incubator” for more information.
  • How do I reach ITRI if I would like to collaborate with ITRI?
    Please refer to the page “Collaboration” for details.