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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Integration Management Policy

Integration Management Policy of ITRI

Continuously uphold:
Engagement in market-oriented research and development, serving as an effective bridge, and assisting in industrial transformation and upgrading

  • Faith in innovation, integrity, and knowledge-sharing
  • Commitment to safe and sustainable research and development environment
  • Implementation of comprehensive risk prevention and promotion of continuous improvement

Quality Management
Implementing a quality management system to provide services that meet customer needs and comply with applicable regulatory requirements, and continuously improving customer satisfaction

Occupational Health and Safety Management
Implementing an occupational health and safety management system, continuously seeking opportunities for improvement and enhancing performance, reducing hazard risks, and creating a safe and healthy working environment

We commit to:

  • Compliance With Regulations
    Identifying and complying with relevant occupational health and safety regulations as the fundamental requirement for implementing occupational health and safety management at ITRI
  • Risk Control
    Conducting hazard identification, risk assessment, adopting and implementing control measures to eliminate hazards and reduce risks
  • Performance Improvement
    Setting objectives and evaluating performance to continuously promote and improve the occupational health and safety management system
  • Full Employee Participation
    Continuously consulting and communicating with workers, involving full employee participation in promoting activities related to occupational health and safety management
  • Health Care
    Promoting health management and creating a harmonious and healthy work environment

Environmental Policy of ITRI

Under ITRI's corporate philosophy, we are committed to practicing green technology innovation research and development, promoting industrial upgrading, and moving towards a net zero sustainability.

  • Promote Full Employee Participation
    Establishing a culture of environmental friendliness, advocating energy conservation and carbon reduction
  • Compliance With Regulation Commitments
    Adhering to regulations and fulfilling commitments, and implementing comprehensive risk management control
  • Strengthening Pollution Prevention
    Promoting resource recycling and utilization, and enhancing pollution prevention
  • Firming Up Continuous Improvement
    Setting environmental management objectives and improving environmental performance