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Industrial Technology Research Institute


The Leading Learning Service Provider

Developing Innovation Talent for the Next Era

Human capital is a business' most important asset and the force that drives company growth. Learning is the most valuable investment that a business or individual can make. ITRI attaches a great deal of significance to human capital and as such, promotes high quality learning services, enabling both businesses and individuals to unlock their innovation potential through continuous learning. With both market and learning needs in mind, ITRI integrates resources into ITRI's Innovation Competencies and Technology Domains, a program series designed to enhance the innovation capabilities of industrial personnel. ITRI’s learning programs stand out among other education and training institutes because of the features below.

Training Program Development Strategy.
Training Program Development Strategy.

Competency-based Training

NSTDA, a national-level research organization in Thailand undergo one week of training in R&D Management Training Program.
NSTDA, a national-level research organization in Thailand undergo one week of training in R&D Management Training Program.

Bringing Together Technology Training and Certification

In addition to its in-depth curriculum, built on a foundation of competency requirements for technology professions, ITRI incorporated certifications into its training. Based on the professional competencies of technology specialists, ITRI has developed competency-based certification programs and trained certified seed instructors. These competency models for technology professions also serve as the reference base for corporate training programs.

Innovation CompetenciesA Must for Company Managers

The Innovation Competencies program satisfies the different requirements of businesses at various stages of the technology or product development processes. As for the S-curve for business and product development, learning provided by the Innovation Competencies program can inculcate personnel with the skills needed at each and every phase—from idea inception, market and customer analysis, R&D know-how acquisition, application of intellectual property rights to commercialization and the development of new ventures.

Technology Domains

Advancing Interdisciplinary Integration.
Advancing Interdisciplinary Integration.

Advancing Interdisciplinary Integration

ITRI’s R&D of technology can be summed up into the following major technology domains—information and communications, electronics and optoelectronics, material, chemical and nanotechnology, green energy and environment, mechanical and systems, as well as medical device and biomedical technologies. ITRI has organized its vast wealth of specialized knowledge in various technology domains into education and training materials. It also offers a number of technology programs each year to provide the human resource training needed by the industry.

Professional Learning Programs

In addition to open enrollment programs, ITRI’s professional team in instructional design is skilled at customizing programs for special learning needs. ITRI services not only domestic and international businesses, but also academia, research organizations, and government organizations, providing learning programs tailored to the special needs of the industry.

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