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Industrial Technology Research Institute



Chih-Kung Lee Chairman
Edwin Liu President
Pei-Zen Chang Executive Vice President
Alex Y.M. Peng Executive Vice President
Shiaw-Shian Yu Executive Vice President and Executive Operating Officer General Director of Business Development Center

General Director of Information and Communications Research Laboratories
Cheng-Wen Wu Senior Vice President General Director of ITRI Southern Region Campus
Ta-An Ho Vice President and Deputy Operating Officer
James Wang Vice President General Director of Office of Strategy and R&D Planning
June Lin Vice President General Director of Office of Marketing Communications
Peng-Yu Wang Vice President, Legal Counsel, and General Director Legal Counsel

General Director of Technology Transfer and Law Center
Tzong-Ming Lee Vice President General Director of Material and Chemical Research Laboratories
Ren-Chain (Joseph) Wang Vice President General Director of Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories
Chih-I Wu Vice President General Director of Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories
Jwu-Sheng Hu Vice President General Director of Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories
Chii-Wann Lin Vice President General Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories
Stephen Su Vice President General Director of Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center
Tzeng-Yow Lin General Director Center for Measurement Standards
Jen-Chieh Cheng General Director Service Systems Technology Center
Vincent Feng General Director Computational Intelligence Technology Center
Lai-Sheng Chen General Director Intelligent Machinery Technology Center
Chun-Hsun Chu General Director Smart Microsystems Technology Center
Fang-Hei Tsau General Director Laser & Additive Manufacturing Technology Center
Stanley H. Huang General Director ITRI Central Region Campus
Jia-Ming Liu General Director Commercialization and Industry Service Center
Yi-Chun Chou General Director ITRI College
Amy Wu General Director Office of Human Resources
Chi-Liang Lee General Director Administrative Service Center
Hung-Chi Hsu General Director IT Service Center
Hui-Jen Fan General Director Finance and Accounting Center