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Industrial Technology Research Institute



Chih-Kung Lee Chairman
Edwin Liu President
Pei-Zen Chang Executive Vice President
Alex Y.M. Peng Executive Vice President
Shiaw-Shian Yu Executive Vice President and Executive Operating Officer General Director of Business Development Center
Cheng-Wen Wu Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Expert
Stephen Su Senior Vice President General Director of Industry, Science and Technology
International Strategy Center
Jwu-Sheng Hu Senior Vice President
Ta-An Ho Vice President and Deputy Operating Officer
June Lin Vice President General Director of Office of Marketing Communications
Peng-Yu Wang Vice President Legal Counsel

General Director of Technology Transfer and Law Center
Jia-Ming Liu Vice President Chief Innovation Officer
Ren-Chain (Joseph) Wang Vice President Senior Technology Expert
Chih-I Wu Vice President Senior Technology Expert
Tzong-Ming Lee Vice President General Director of Material and Chemical Research Laboratories
James Wang Vice President General Director of Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories
Chii-Wann Lin Vice President General Director of Biomedical Technology and Device Research Laboratories
Jen-Chieh Cheng Vice President General Director of Service Systems Technology Center
Yi-Chun Chou Vice President General Director of ITRI College
Pang-An Ting General Director of Information and Communications Research Laboratories
Shih-Chieh Chang General Director Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories
Da-Jeng Yao General Director Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratories
Tzeng-Yow Lin General Director Center for Measurement Standards
Lai-Sheng Chen General Director Intelligent Machinery Technology Center
Chun-Hsun Chu General Director Smart Sensing & Systems Technology Center
Fang-Hei Tsau General Director ITRI Southern Region Campus
Stanley H. Huang General Director ITRI Central Region Campus
Lewis Chen General Director Commercialization and Industry Service Center
Amy Wu General Director Office of Human Resources
Jen-Hui Tsai General Director Administrative Service Center
Hui-Jen Fan General Director Finance and Accounting Center
Hung-Chi Hsu General Director IT Service Center
Ta-Hsin Chou General Director Office of Strategy and R&D Planning