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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Corporate Social Responsibility

In response to global social responsibility development trends, ITRI's Board of Directors passed the plan to leverage its research results to promote public welfare and fulfill the mission of "using technical R&D to stimulate industry development, create economic benefits, and increase public welfare". ITRI established its own Public Welfare Committee to roll out related programs in three main areas: applied technology and service, technical education promotion, and enterprise volunteering. In addition to benefiting society with its technical R&D results, ITRI pools resources from all internal research units to organize technical education promotion activities, such as technology camps for children, technology education seed teachers' seminars, and volunteer training and lecturing groups. The goal is to provide more learning opportunities for children in rural areas, broaden their horizons, and expose them to the rich and diverse world of technology. ITRI assembles internal volunteers, groups, and units to collaborate and take part in public welfare projects, and engages appropriate external partners to develop helpful public welfare solutions that fulfill the needs of local groups and agencies.

Every year, ITRI organizes an experience-sharing seminar and invites significant enterprises that have taken part in public welfare projects, including TSMC, Microsoft Taiwan, Acer ITS, Realtek Semiconductor Corp., and Coretronic Corp., to come and share their launching experiences with ITRI's public welfare technology research team. This can considerably expand the scope and effect of related public welfare projects.

By connecting social welfare agencies, business partners, and government organizations via this public welfare service platform, ITRI aims to generate win-win solutions so that every participant can benefit from the efforts. The Institute continues to extend its research results into public welfare and encourages different fields and industries to do so as well. Through services which show that we care, we can set up a people-oriented environment and culture that can help us develop more practical and user-friendly technologies and products.

It takes everyone to make society a better place. By extending the love through various channels and methods, we can create a more caring and positive society!

ITRI showroom tour. 
Children learning about the technology.