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Industrial Technology Research Institute



Stephen Su

Stephen Su

Senior Vice President

General Director of Industry, Science and Technology
International Strategy Center


  • MBA, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, USA
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, UC Berkeley, USA


  • Senior Vice President, ITRI (2022.04 to Present)
  • General Director, Office of AI Application Strategy, ITRI (2020.01 to Present)
  • General Director, Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center, ITRI (2018.08 to Present)
  • Acting Senior Vice President, ITRI (2022.03 to 2022.04)
  • Vice President, ITRI (2021.08 to 2022.04)
  • General Director, Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center (2009-2018)
  • Principal, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Shanghai
  • Sr. Director, Consumer Electronics, Primax Electronics Ltd., Taipei
  • Case Leader, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Hong Kong
  • Applications Engineer, Semiconductor Group, Motorola, Phoenix


  • Multiple patents in power switching control and mobile phone applications
  • Kellogg Moot Corp Competition (New Business Venture) Champion (1994)

About Industry, Science and Technology International Strategy Center

A Leading Research Center for Industrial, Science and Technology Trends and International Strategy

The Industrial, Science and Technology International Strategy Center is devoted to helping businesses in Taiwan meet revolutionary changes in a fast-moving knowledge economy. The Center aims to provide customers with value-added, multi-disciplinary information and services by using its ability to do in-depth research on industrial development. It is also able to forecast new trends in technology. The Center will promptly respond to clients’ needs in an ever-changing environment by coordinating vast R&D capabilities from its parent organization, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and by connecting international networks that have been persistently cultivated for decades. With its knowledge management and active interactions with the government and industries, the Center is expected to help the nation gain competitive advantages and assist the business community to create value.


The Center is dedicated to becoming a highly regarded industrial research institute and to providing services in growth strategies that will allow Taiwan’s industries to develop internationally. It also provides consultancy for both international and domestic industries. The Center is committed to connecting the government and industries by using its insightful knowledge and experience.

In addition, the Center also assumes the responsibility of developing collaboration opportunities with international partners for ITRI and Taiwan’s industries. With the synergy of ITRI’s five overseas offices, the Center is making significant progress in establishing a network of international partners for advanced technological development. The five overseas offices are located in San Jose, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Berlin, Germany; Moscow, Russia; and Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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