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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Intelligent Medical Assistant Solution (iMAS)

Technology Overview

Intelligent Medical Assistant Solution (iMAS).
Intelligent Medical Assistant Solution (iMAS).

Although fundus examinations can help detect diabetes at an early stage, only a few people around the globe are screened. Many diabetics cannot even undergo regular examinations for pathological changes, or track the development of their disease. In Taiwan, the percentage of people receiving fundus examinations at ophthalmology clinics is still under 40%, making it the least effective measure under the national diabetic care network. ITRI developed an intelligent gateway that compiles images through integrated soft and hardware to launch the Intelligent Medical Assistant Solution (iMAS), enabling patients to carry out one-click fundus self-examinations. With just a click of a button, users can take pictures of their retinas, which are then examined for any abnormalities by AI through an inserted intelligent gateway. It only takes five seconds to produce a diagnosis, with accuracy above 90%.

Applications & Benefits

This one-click automated self-check model can be used in hospitals, clinics, health check centers, and related institutions. Meanwhile, it allows people to carry out examinations at home or in remote areas, thereby improving care for diabetics.