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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Automatic Cell Production System

Technology Overview

Automatic Cell Production System.
Automatic Cell Production System.

Automatic cell production system, including cell culture, cell image detection, cell medium exchange, cell subculture and harvesting. The system contributes to the cell production for regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

  • Features
    • Automatic CO2 regulated cell incubator
    • Automatic cell subculture and harvesting
    • Artificial intelligence cell imaging
    • Programmed cell medium exchange
  • Specifications
    • Simultaneously transporting and positioning 36 groups of T75 flask/T150 flask/HYPER flask
    • Cell counting, contamination detection, images recording and monitoring
    • Medium is exchanged automatically based on scheduling

Applications & Benefits

  • Cell banking/storage
  • Tissue engineering for regeneration
  • Quality control of cell product
  • Cell therapy
ITRI has already completed system integration and operational tests, aiming to improve the quality and capacity of large-scale cell culture while lowering the production cost with intelligent monitoring.

One-Stop Biomedical Services

One-Stop Biomedical Services

  • Listing Regulations Consulting: FDA/TFDA/CE application, medical device verification/export, medical device/medicine registration, IRB document organization, clinical trial application, and more.
  • Technology Transfer: Bio-IT, diagnostics and precision medicine technology, regeneration medicine technology, natural medicine and healthcare technology, targeted drug and delivery technology.
  • Model Translation: Domestic supply chain linkage, medical device design control, market analysis, strategy analysis of regulation in commercialization, and more.
  • Preclinical/Clinical Trial: Functional safety assessments, clinical research organization linkage, clinical evaluation and analysis, clinical trial planning, clinical trial analysis and reports.
  • Other Services: Quality system consulting, commercialization consulting, smart health solutions, software validation, medical device risk management, information security risk evaluation, technical documents preparation, business ecosystem linkage, and more.