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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Coordinated Supra-Molecule Complex (CSC) for Posterior Eye Delivery

Technology Overview

Schematic illustration of replaced administration route from invasive ocular injection to topical eye drop for treatment of posterior diseases.
Schematic illustration of replaced administration route from invasive ocular injection to topical eye drop for treatment of posterior diseases.

Elders and diabetic patients are at high risk of wet macular degeneration. Current first-line treatment for wet macular degeneration is regular ocular injections of anti-angiogenesis antibody by the ophthalmologists. Though the current anti-angiogenesis medication controls the disease well, the treatment is far from perfect due to the way the medication is given. Patients suffer from fears of ocular injections and are at risk of adverse events such as bleeding, endophthalmitis, retinal detachment and elevated intraocular pressure. To address this issue, ITRI developed an anti-angiogenesis eye drop, which is non-invasive and self-administrable treatment.

ITRI's coordinated supramolecular composite carrier technology utilizes molecular-level carriers with high surface-hydrophilicity to encapsulate drugs, which can effectively promote drug solubility and drug tissue penetration, especially in ocular tissues. The eye drop with this technology could deliver drugs to retina and choroid tissue. Based on this, ITRI has developed an anti-angiogenesis eye drop product for the treatment of wet macular degeneration. Currently, wet macular degeneration treatment can only be given by ocular injection, which makes this newly developed technology to be a breakthrough. Phase 2 human clinical trial has started in 2022.

Applications & Benefits

The CSC technology can increase solubility of hydrophobic drugs and serves as posterior eye delivery platform to produce eye drops products for retinal diseases.

Radiographic images of rat eye post <sup>99m</sup>Tc-labeled CSCs treatment via topical administration.
Radiographic images of rat eye post 99mTc-labeled CSCs treatment via topical administration.

One-Stop Biomedical Services

One-Stop Biomedical Services

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