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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Thermal Imaging Care System

Technology Overview

Wide Area Thermal Image Scanning and Recognition Technology.
Wide Area Thermal Image Scanning and Recognition Technology.

The newly pioneered technology for IR thermal image sensor module allows simultaneously for privacy, AI recognition, and affordable price in home security system applications. Bringing wide-field thermal scanning and thermal AI motion behavior identification technology into reality, it resolves the limited care attendant issue associated with single-line home care service while increasing the analytical tools available for these caregivers. Multifaceted support systems can be integrated in a more professional manner to provide timely and accurate care services.

The affordable thermal sensor module built on a dual axis scanning structure brings forth AI motion behavior recognition technology that fits home-care applications.

  • Features
    • Affordable and private wide-field thermal scanning module.
    • Thermal AI motion behavior recognition technology.
    • Embedded computing module.
    • Mobile device APP alert.

  • Specifications
    • Can identify movement such as sitting on bed, leaving bed, falling, long-period standing, long-period laying, long-period sitting, etc., with only 2% false identification rate.
    • Offers 24-hour routine statistics.

Applications & Benefits

Wide range of applications in nursing homes, long-term care centers, senior apartments and home living. Minimizes time required for danger alert and the risk of falling. Applications can be extended to industrial safety, machine monitoring, and security monitoring, etc.