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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Continuous Pulse Oximetry Module

Technology Overview

Continuous Pulse Oximetry Module.
Continuous Pulse Oximetry Module.

The Continuous Pulse Oximetry Module combines a reflective multi-wavelength optical module and an embedded anti-motion-artifact algorithm to reduce the noise induced by the wearable device.

By applying adaptive emitting current adjust of the multi-wavelength optical module, robust signal processing, and physiological information calculation, the proposed module can supply more accurate measurements during the wearing period.

  • Features
    • Pulse-Wave Features Detection
    • Sport Pulse Detection and Calculation
    • Robust algorithm for optical physiological information

  • Specifications
    • Oximeter measuring range and error: 70-100% ± 3%
    • Ultra Low Perfusion (0.07%): 90% ± 5%
    • Sport pulse measuring range and error:40-240 bpm ± 5% if running speed<9km/hr.

Applications & Benefits

This technology has been transferred to a domestic G.M.P customer. The module can also be integrated with apps and mechanisms to be watches, head belts, hats, or other wearable devices in the applications of sleep apnea screen, breath monitor, or elderly safety.