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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Miniature Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor

Technology Overview

Miniature Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor.
Miniature Multi-Pixel Gas Sensor.

With air pollution becoming more severe, over 92% of the world’s population is living under poor air quality conditions, driving demand for environmental monitoring devices. It is estimated that the annual production value of gas sensors will reach US$3.1 billion in 2028. The miniature multi-pixel gas sensor developed by ITRI combines a micro-machining multi-sensing unit and micro-heater and sensing materials, along with a patented programmable temperature control and sensing integrated circuit as well as patented dynamic self-compensation correction technology to realize composite gas sensing functions. All of this is offered in a tiny package which can detect carbon monoxide and volatile organic compound gases at concentrations of ppb level.

Applications & Benefits

This technology establishes an AI inference model through machine learning and data tagging for intelligent system solutions. It has connected domestic and foreign system makers and platform application providers to introduce innovative applications of gas/odor analysis and develop smart sensors for real-time odor recognition, environmental and safety monitoring, medical treatment and healthcare.

Applications of air quality monitoring
Applications of air quality monitoring.
Miniaturized digital gas sensor
Miniaturized digital gas sensor.