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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Mobile Treatment System for Drinking Water Supply-Qwater System

Technology Overview


Qwater is design as a solution for easy, mobile and quick installed drinking water supply address the needs during disaster and remote areas. Conventional water supply is usually broken down or unaccessible while during nature disaster area, in remote area, contaminated water sources, high turbidity raw water, and so on. Qwater has been installed and successfully in operation serving the purpose of providing safe, healthy and drinkable water in many occasions.

Water borne diseases are endangering the living for more than half of the population in the world and reportedly cause 6,000 deaths every day. Taiwan likes many other countries during a nature disaster, particularly typhoon and earthquake, suffers the breakdown of utility infrastructure. New solution for safe water supply during emergency situations is vitally needed. ITRI has developed a Qwater system not only capable of addressing the above needs, and also for remote areas where lack of basic utility infrastructure.

  • Quick installation: To be assembled in less than 90 minutes by two persons with bare hands.
  • Quality water: To generate high quality effluent conforming to drinking water standards with influent turbidity up to 3,000 NTU.
  • Quantity supply: To supply abundant drinking water of 5 m3/day in a small footage of 1.3 m2 (2 m3 space), capable of accommodating a community up to 1500 people.
  • Additional features:
    • Ease of operation: fully automatic control and easy to learn the operation.
    • Flexible: compact design, easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport; with a parallel installed system the water production can be multiplied.
    • Modularizing: modular design can tackle the situation of different influent water content and effluent water quality for various needs.
Brief about the Qwater system.
Brief about the Qwater system.

Depending on various contaminations in an influent: an activated carbon unit may be added for the purpose of removing contaminants and impurities in terms of chemical absorption, and RO for desalination purpose, however there will be tradeoffs affecting the system efficiency.

Up to now, we have evaluated the feasibility of applying various green technology to improve the Qwater system, including aeration pressured membrane filtration, siphoned membrane filtration, bicycle power water treatment technology and integration of Q water system. The Qwater has been optimized to consume only 126W/hr. The high efficiency of Q water system can achieve up to 99.9% turbidity removal, and conform to drinking water quality standard. We endeavor to continuously put in more green concepts and make it available to needing people around the world.