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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Energy-Saving Fast Biochar Expert System

Technology Overview

Energy-Saving Fast Biochar Expert System.
Energy-Saving Fast Biochar Expert System.

Taiwan annually produces more than ten million tons of agricultural waste with lignocellulose. If zero-waste recycling can be used to generate high-value-added biomass and energy recycling can be applied, it will increase the value of agricultural circular economy and reduce agricultural waste treatment costs. However, since incineration or external heating carbonization generally produces biochar and consumes large amounts of energy, ITRI’s Energy-saving Fast Biochar Expert System uses a direct-thermal anoxic combustion system with an intelligent control interface. The system can set up parameters for different materials and apply carbonization heat without requiring additional fuel. It will simultaneously produce biochar and natural vinegar, and recycle heating energy.

Applications & Benefits

This system can be custom-designed for various carbonized materials. With different moisture content of raw materials, the carbon yield is 25-30% and vinegar yield is 30-35%. The outcome can enhance soil optimization, pest control, and crop growth promotion to reduce use of agricultural fertilizers; thermal energy can provide hot water or be used to dry crops.