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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Easy-Dismantled Solar Module Design

Technology Overview

Easy-Dismantled Solar Module Design.
Easy-Dismantled Solar Module Design.

The technology of easily-dismantled packaging film developed by ITRI could solve the current problems caused by non-disassembled EVA/POE films. This innovative packaging film has the advantages of both thermoplastic and thermosetting materials through controlling the degrees of crosslinking, melting points, and pyrolysis process of materials at the molecular level. The thickness of the double-layered structure is increased to keep the TPE layer stable when it is heated. TPE softens at higher temperatures, which serves as a buffer layer to protect batteries from damage. The composite and easily-dismantled film ensures the advantages of safety, reliability, and manufacturing process compatibility. With its disassembly process and high-value material recycling technologies, a PV module recycling circular value chain is created.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI collaborated with a major material manufacturer in Taiwan and has completed ton-level trial production of one-meter wide easy-dismantled membrane materials. Additionally, the Institute collaborated with a solar module company to jointly promote the easily-dismantled solar module, which was awarded TÜV Rheinland certification for commercial sales in October of 2022, making it the world’s first easily-dismantled solar photovoltaic module.