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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Microbial Dye Platform Technology

Technology Overview

Microbial Dye Platform Technology.
Microbial Dye Platform Technology.

As net zero emissions become a global trend, the textile industry has been striving to develop a low-carbon and circular economy. To help manufacturers enter the global green supply chain, ITRI has developed Microbial Dye Platform Technology, which uses microbe strains that are harmless to the human body. AI analysis is adopted to redesign the microbes’ metabolic pathways and to systematically integrate genes crucial to dye production, thereby creating patented dye-producing microbe strains. This technology combines fermentation, separation, and purification processes to improve dye production efficiency and produce non-toxic microbial dyes with a low-carbon footprint and low-volume wastewater.

Applications & Benefits

This dye has excellent color fastness, saturation, and color depth for cotton and nylon textile products. Field verification has been conducted in a dye and finishing plant to meet industry requirements. The technology was also a winner of the Edison Awards 2021.