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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Innovative Recycled Aggregate Application

Technology Overview

Innovative Recycled Aggregate Application.
Innovative Recycled Aggregate Application.

Every year, Taiwan produces 12 million tons of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) materials and 3 million tons of slags from the steelmaking industry that cannot be utilized effectively. In response, ITRI has developed the platform of inorganic materials bank (IMB) with integrated smart waste material tracking, which employs modern ICT and IoT verification management technologies to enhance the traceability and transparency of recyclable inorganic materials and their applications. By using slags with formulated bio-asphalt regenerant, ITRI has developed the prospective technology of pavement engineering with high-hardness and low-carbon emission. This solution is suitable for pavement on which heavy vehicles operate, features high resistance to rutting, and boasts both rigidity and flexibility.

Applications & Benefits

It can replace 80% of natural aggregate, reduce the cost of asphalt pavement by 15%-35%, extend road service life by eight times, and decrease the carbon emissions of pavement engineering by more than 75%, which assists industries in carbon reduction.