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Industrial Technology Research Institute


High-Sensitivity High-Matrix Urea Detection System

Technology Overview

High-Sensitivity High-Matrix Urea Detection System
High-Sensitivity High-Matrix Urea Detection System

Urea concentration must be strictly controlled during the water reclamation process. However, the commercial urea testing equipment currently used by water reclamation plants is susceptible to interferences, preventing users from accurately preparing doses of reclamation agents based on the urea values obtained on site. The quality of the water usually fails to meet the standard of semiconductor-level reclaimed water (i.e. a urea concentration of less than 5 ppb). By implementing a high-sensitivity urea detection system and other relevant technologies, ITRI supported the urea verification process and optimized the water reclamation procedure at the Southern Taiwan Science Park Water Reclamation Plant.

Applications & Benefits

The operation commenced in September and successfully avoided water supply delay.