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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Steel and Chemicals Co-Production Pilot Plant

Technology Overview

Steel and Chemicals Co-Production Pilot Plant.
Steel and Chemicals Co-Production Pilot Plant.

To promote R&D of carbon capture and utilization technology, ITRI is cooperating with China Steel Corporation (CSC) to build a steel and chemicals co-production pilot plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. ITRI has conducted the field verification of infrastructure in the pilot plant and ran the trial operation of the three verification systems, including (1) a CO2 capture and purification system to capture the CO2 generated in CSC’s manufacturing process, and then separate and purify the gas; (2) a catalytic conversion system to transform the captured CO2 into green chemical materials such as methanol and methane; and (3) an electrolytic hydrogen production system, in conjunction with the catalytic conversion system, to alleviate the need for downstream chemical plants to import raw materials.

Applications & Benefits

The plant provides verification of high-value, cross-industry CO2 reuse technologies, and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 4,900 tons per year.