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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Recycling Technology for PV Modules

Technology Overview

Recycling Technology for PV Modules.
Recycling Technology for PV Modules.

A large number of solar power modules have been installed and used over the past decade; however, waste materials from worn-out modules may cause environmental problems and require new tech solutions for their disposal. ITRI’s PV module recycling technology makes use of low-damage disassembly and thermal decomposition to separate the aluminum frames, glass panels, batteries, conductive ribbons, and backboards used in PV modules. Cleaning and purification processes recover clean glass panels, silicon, and silver chloride so that what would have been waste products can become valuable raw materials. This technology even works with damaged solar power modules, allowing the separation of the glass from other materials for recycling and reuse.

Applications & Benefits

Unlike those which grind up solar power modules before separation and make the different materials difficult to sort and clean, ITRI’s solution maintains component integrity and significantly increases the purity of the recycled materials.