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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Optimal Greenhouse Lighting System

Technology Overview

Optimal Greenhouse Lighting System.
Optimal Greenhouse Lighting System.

In recent years, LED has gradually replaced traditional light sources since it is more energy efficient and durable, with lower heat loads, and is pollution free. It has been extensively used in greenhouse crop production. However, the designs of current greenhouse lighting systems have not been optimized. ITRI thus developed special light source technology to regulate the growing period of crops. Environmental control and LED lighting control technologies have been used to regulate the growing period of loquats and increase the fruit set rate.

Applications & Benefits

Furthermore, the ursolic acid extracted from loquat leaves and other functional ingredients can be applied to cosmetics products. ITRI’s technologies can also be customized to form a high-efficiency light collection type of bar-shaped light source module used for hydroponic gardening, which can increase the yields and functional ingredients of high-value leafy vegetables while saving energy.