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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Testing and Certification Technologies for Photovoltaic Products

Technology Overview

Testing and Certification Technologies for Photovoltaic Products.
Testing and Certification Technologies for Photovoltaic Products.

Photovoltaic (PV) technology is a key application in the field of green energy. PV products must meet the requirements of international standards. ITRI has been focusing on PV standardization work and providing testing services for years. In 2019, the Non-uniform Dynamic Mechanical Load System was established to serve as the test platform for wind resistance of PV modules. It can provide customized configuration of mechanical forces according to the intended environment. Based on technical capacity, ITRI has been active in Photovoltaics Quality Assurance Task Force (PVQAT) TG7 (wind load) and IEC TC82 for the development of international standards for wind resistance.

Applications & Benefits

This standardization work can enhance the reliability and safety of PV products and connect manufacturers to the global market. In 2019, ITRI provided 86 cases (32 vendors) of technical services and 25 cases (12 vendors) of industrial cooperation in helping manufacturers to obtain international business orders.