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Industrial Technology Research Institute


SoPoWake Provides Landslide Surveillance

Technology Overview

Severe global climate change has caused many areas to suffer from torrential rains, landslides and mudslides. To combat this problem, ITRI has developed the SoPoWake Autonomous Landslide Surveillance System, the first to overcome the limits of energy supply in the remote region by using the natural energy extracted from the soil and a self-powered soil moisture sensor to warn against triggers of disaster. When soil moisture exceeds the preset limits, the system automatically activates the alarm and warns against potential landslides and mudslides.

Applications & Benefits

The SoPoWake Autonomous Landslide Surveillance System is a breakthrough in wireless sensor network technology. When there are no warning conditions, all of the sensors, data processing and wireless transmission systems enter a deep sleep mode, allowing the system to significantly save power. When the self-powered soil moisture sensor is activated by wet soil, the system turns on the precision sensors, such as accelerometers and displacement sensors for performing accurate landslide detection, and only activates the wireless warning module when true emergency conditions exist. The self-powering capability of SoPoWake enables multiple deployments over wide ranges and extends its useful life for decades when compared with existing battery powered systems.

SoPoWake system features efficient energy-recycling from the nature and low-power sensing technologies. Besides landslide and mudslide monitoring, it can be a useful tool in local soil monitoring and smart agriculture. Additionally, it can be utilized across multiple industries to monitor a variety of conditions. SoPoWake system becomes a basis platform in the wireless sensor network, effectively linking territory information with a long-term energy solution.

Architecture of SoPoWake WSN
Architecture of SoPoWake WSN.
Applications of SoPoWake WSN
Applications of SoPoWake WSN.