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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Optical transmission-Silicon Photonic Integrated Technology

Technology Overview

Optical transmission-Silicon Photonic Integrated Technology.
Optical transmission-Silicon Photonic Integrated Technology.

The traditional cables communication is no longer sufficient in the Internet of Things, 5G, and AI era. The demand for optical communication component will be booming. Industrial Technology Research Institute is actively developing high-speed and low-cost using silicon photonics technology. Particular for large volume, high value and low cost product.

Features and Innovation

Industrial Technology Research Institute develop the key technology of silicon photonics and worked together with active and passive components lead companies by industry and expert in academia including chip design, process integration, optical package and testing in Taiwan. Target for multi-channel high speed transceiver. (100Gb/s per channel).

Applications & Benefits

Established next generation high-speed and low-cost optical transceiver using silicon photonic integrated technology and improve the competitive and innovation capability for relative industry chain by combining the superior technology in III-V compound semiconductor epitaxy, process and package from Taiwan industry.

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