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Industrial Technology Research Institute


EUV Radiometry for Advanced Measurement and Calibration

Technology Overview

EUV Radiometry for Advanced Measurement and Calibration.
EUV Radiometry for Advanced Measurement and Calibration.

ITRI has developed a radiometric solution for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) photodetectors in cooperation with the National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center. The technology includes a calibration system and spectral radiometry traceability chain, adopting a conical diffraction grating design, which greatly increases spectral efficiency. The measurement range of the EUV wavelengths is from 10 to 20 nm. The optical radiometry responsivity standard can be transferred to EUV photodetectors, thus satisfying the metrology demands of the EUV lithography ecosystem.

Applications & Benefits

Applied to the development of key components in the EUV lithography process, EUV photoresist analysis, and advanced semiconductor materials, the technology helps to enhance the further development of semiconductors.