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Industrial Technology Research Institute


3D IC Design and Implementation

Technology Overview

ITRI and Intel unveiled an R&D program since 2012, a commitment to next-generation DRAM technology, which can meet super-fast and power-efficient requirements. ITRI developed a heterogeneous integration of design technology as a complement of commercial EDA tool which can’t fully support 3D IC. These efforts include a high-level thermal analysis tool (ThermalMeter), DRAM Area, Performance, and Timing tool (DArT). The thermalmeter can exploit fine grain thermal result of 3D IC in a very short run time. DArT provides multiple choices for different DRAM layout configurations which help exploration of optimum DRAM array architecture. DArT also generates high-level models for system-level simulation automatically. These efforts and results are applied to Intel-Etron 45nm DRAM collaboration project. These efforts strive Taiwan 3D IC R&D activities, and will make the healthy ecosystem.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI is leading the domestic investment in research and development of 3D IC, focus on 3D IC design platform specifications, test interface and architecture, ESD protection design, and design flow of thermal analysis. ITRI also designed test vehicle of 3D IC, which included a stacking of logic and memory IC; and that is the first 90nm 3D IC on 12” wafer in Taiwan.

3D IC Design and Implementation
3D IC Design and Implementation.
3D IC Design and Implementation
ITRI and Intel Unveiled a 5-year Research Program on 3D IC Technology.
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