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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure

Technology Overview

Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure.
Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure.

ITRI has developed a new generation Rack Scale Architecture (RSA) data center using software-defined virtualization technology. Its excellent features include high bandwidth (128 Gbps), low latency ( _ 10 μs), low cost (1/12 of 100 Gbps Ethernet), dynamic allocation, and real-time response ( _ 45 μs). It also overcomes the limitations of the original communications standards, and develops the world’s only PCIe-based RSA, enabling innovative functions such as Multi-Root IO Virtualization (MRIOV), and software defined servers. With RSA, the efficiency of remote direct access can reach 90% when compared with that of local access.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI has cooperated with ADLINK Technology to develop the Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform, in the hope of entering the technology-intensive platform market. This cooperation offers telecommunications service providers with a locally produced NFV platform, breaking through the current status quo, in which there is no domestic equipment within the telecoms’ central offices.