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Industrial Technology Research Institute


5G Small Cell

Technology Overview

5G Small Cell.
5G Small Cell.

As 5G networks are integrated with cloud and virtualized solutions, service providers are promoting Open virtual-Radio Access Network (Open vRAN). This opens up and standardizes base station interfaces so that telecommunications companies can establish flexible and cost-effective 5G networks with third-party equipment providers. By directly purchasing equipment from manufacturers, telecom operators can break through the oligopoly of major international brands, potentially resulting in drastic cuts to installation costs and largescale reshuffling of orders.

Applications & Benefits

With years of R&D results in key technologies, ITRI has led local businesses in exploring the global 5G market by proposing a solution that involves 5G base station software technology and software/hardware integration. ITRI established a 5G base station network with 18 Taiwanese companies, devising 5G small cell products and facilitating the development of crucial products, modules, and components related to small base stations, mobile edge computing (MEC), and network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI).