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Industrial Technology Research Institute


5G O-RAN Base Station Network Management System

Technology Overview

5G O-RAN Base Station Network Management System.
5G O-RAN Base Station Network Management System.

ITRI has developed Taiwan’s first-ever smart base station network management system that complies with the 5G O-RAN standard. The system offers oneclick management of base station performance and cloud platform resource load, which improves deployment and raises maintenance, operation, and network management efficiency. For non-realtime smart network control, its machine learning algorithms allocate network resources between base stations to adapt to changing traffic environments. For near-real-time smart network control, transmission priorities and switching connection points are adjusted automatically for different application services to optimize base station signals.

Applications & Benefits

ITRI has transferred the 5G O-RAN RIC technology to major electronics and network communication equipment companies to develop 5G O-RAN base stations. The 5G O-RAN end-to-end private network system was showcased online at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and has been honored at the SCF Small Cell Awards twice.