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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Virtual Systems Security Research Center - ITRI Application Whitelisting

Technology Overview

Virtual Systems Security Research Center— ITRI Application Whitelisting.
Virtual Systems Security Research Center— ITRI Application Whitelisting.

ITRI’s R&D team of software system safety has developed the ITRI Application Whitelisting technology from scratch, providing a comprehensive solution that covers everything from the front-end agent and back-end management system to security validation and updates. The technology can be used to automatically create an initial whitelist out of the existing server system. It also has a self-defense mechanism that can prevent the system from being disabled, which protects executable files (binary) by whitelisting and protects scripts and Java execution by applying whitelisting that supports more than 30 common scripts written in CMD, Python, Java, and PowerShell. The system can also support security isolation via virtualization.

Applications & Benefits

By using this technology, network communications products, IoT devices, ATMs, autonomous vehicle systems, or high-level safety systems can be protected. It can further restrict applications within the system to block unknown malware and provide more comprehensive protection. ITRI also plans to explore relevant applications of this technology with potential partners, for example, manufacturers of ATMs and key servers for the banks, businesses that need ransomware protection, and car manufacturers that are emphasizing vehicle safety.