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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Hardware as a Service

Technology Overview

Hardware as a Service.
Hardware as a Service.

The exclusive HaaS (Hardware as a Service) developed by ITRI integrates server deployment, network monitoring, and server management systems to provide a comprehensive server leasing process, allowing 10-fold provisioning efficiency and 20-fold labor saving for data center operators. In the server deployment stage, the cloud data center deployment management system is used to automatically deploy hardware and software; this is over 200 times more efficient than a traditional manual installation, and can achieve secure network isolation for clients without installing any software agent on every server.

Applications & Benefits

This technology can achieve seamless lifecycle management for individual dedicated servers, network switches, and storage devices. Machines can be activated within 6 minutes after receiving a leasing request. Compared with the two days required for existing services of the same class to complete the leasing process, this technology can help service operators reduce costs of maintaining facilities, gain flexibility with lease terms, quickly respond to client demand, and seize business opportunities in cloud services. HaaS has successfully entered the service supply chain of major Japanese telecommunications providers and has already begun commercial operation.