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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Cloud Service Applications

Technology Overview

Cloud Service Applications.
Cloud Service Applications.

ITRI has extensive experience in cloud software and hardware integration, competency in cloud operation service, and ownership of intellectual properties in the IaaS cloud platform. All of these are advantageous in equipping electronic product manufacturers with software-hardware integration ability by establishing benchmarking cloud data centers. ITRI has also adopted its IaaS Cloud OS to help the Office Appliance (OA) enterprises to build up the pioneering ready-to-use OA Cloud service through the integration of ERP, MFP and EIP. Conventional OA industries can thus be converted into OA Cloud service providers. Since the open-structured platform has a high expansion capacity, it can be further integrated with third-party software to satisfy demands from business users and provide an innovative business model for marketing OA products.

Applications & Benefits

After undergoing an initial trial run, this service has been implemented in a 36-month strength and stability test to realize greater price competitiveness and more instant services.