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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Intelligent Cloud Platform for the Machinery Industry

Technology Overview

Intelligent Cloud Platform for the Machinery Industry.
Intelligent Cloud Platform for the Machinery Industry.

The Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) White Paper proposed to build a cloud platform that would fulfill the vision of a NT$2 trillion machinery industry by 2025. However, there are still a number of problems that make the transformation difficult: (1) Smart machine box (SMB) incompatibility and duplication of software development by different institutes and companies. (2) Lack of a software marketplace for the machinery industry. (3) Lack of a standardized SaaS/Apps development process. In order to resolve these problems, ITRI proposed to integrate IoT solutions, cloud computing, virtualization and containerization techniques to build a common cloud platform for the machinery industry which includes standardized SMB runtime and information model, standardized development process and standardized marketing and operation platform.

Applications & Benefits

This would be the world’s first cloud service platform for the machinery industry, through which service developers could benefit from reducing development and maintenance costs. Meanwhile, products can be provided globally via e-commerce platforms and protected by world-leading cyber security teams. The end-user would thus benefit from services and applications on the cloud with lower costs and better delivery, reliability and quality management.