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High Sensitivity MEMS Microphones

Technology Overview

High Sensitivity MEMS Microphones.
High Sensitivity MEMS Microphones.

The fabrication of high sensitivity microphones is compatible with the fabrication processes of CMOS foundries. By combining the low residual stress diaphragms and patented composite multilayer backplate electrode, the performance of microphones achieve high sensitivity, high signal-to noise ratio, high acoustic pressure tolerance, low acoustic impedance, and low temperature coefficient. In adition, the microphone also has competitive advantages in chip size and cost performance.

  • Features
    • Compatible with CMOS foundry processes.
    • Hign Temperature stability.
    • Low residual stress diaphragm.
  • Specifications
    • Freq. response : 100 ~ 10kHz.
    • Sensitivity : -38±3dB(Unit Gain).
    • SNR : > 62dB.
    • THD : < 0.5% (@100dB SPL); <0.3% (@94dB SPL).

Applications & Benefits

The MEMS microphone have been widely applied in portable device such as smart phone, wearable device, smart speaker etc. Moreover, the trend of product will go forward to miniaturization, high sensitivity, low noise.