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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Long-Life Water Quality Sensor Module

Technology Overview

Long-Life Water Quality Sensor Module.
Long-Life Water Quality Sensor Module.

ITRI rolled out a long-life water quality sensor module that utilizes composited sensors for detecting chemical oxygen demand (COD), suspended solids (SS), and Cu2+. The module integrates the optical anti-biofilm mechanism that extends the manual maintenance cycle from once a week to four weeks, reducing maintenance labor costs by 75%. Compared with other anti-biofilm methods that rely on chemical cleaning or mechanical scrubbing to maintain the accuracy of sensors, ITRI’s anti-biofilm technology utilizes multi-wavelength optics without the need of additional devices. It has the advantages of low power consumption, low production costs, and reduced maintenance expenses.

Applications & Benefits

Combined with intelligent diagnosis functions of the water quality system, it can automatically analyze water quality and system health information, providing an affordable, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain water quality IoT solution.