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Industrial Technology Research Institute


Panel Level Functional RDL Technology with Integrated Active and Passive Thin Film Devices

Technology Overview

Panel Level Functional RDL Interposer.
Panel Level Functional RDL Interposer.

The functional RDL interposer is a trend for advanced IC package. However, the integrated devices technology is not ready in panel level fan-out RDL. In order to realize advanced system-in-package with a more competitive panel level RDL, we developed the integration technology with the existing thin film component technology in legacy display production line and the new-built high aspect ratio copper wire technology (aspect ratio ≥ 2@line width: 5μm). The functional RDL could not only improve IC package performance and be thinner, but also have large scale production competence.

Applications & Benefits

This functional RDL technology can help fan-out RDL production line with differential value-added capability to explore advanced IC SiP application for Taiwan display manufacturers. It can be applied to the IC substrates or PCB industry as well to develop advanced functional interconnection technology.

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